***   £99 (plus vat)   ***

Cost includes:

  • Registration of a suitable domain name (website name)
  • Design of a template to suit your requirements
  • Design of  initial web page(s)
  • Training for you or your staff to update your website (if required – but not compulsory!!!)
  • Regular minor website updates by GEVH staff
  • 1 year hosting and technical support
  • Access to other GEVH services at reduced cost

Hidden Costs:

There are no hidden costs with our package.  Towards the end of your initial 12 months period we will discuss with you the option of continuing with your site.  If you choose to continue you will be charged our annual renewal fee – which is currently £75 per annum.  This covers the cost of:

  • Domain name renewal/registration costs
  • Annual hosting and technical support
  • Minor updates by GEVH staff
  • Access to other GEVH services at reduced cost